July 1 - 7, 2012, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia

July 7, 2012

The aim of this tour is to reflect upon things said at the SDEWES Conference, while reflecting upon the majestic beauty, as seen only in the Balkan.

The tour will commence in Macedonia, in the hosting city of Ohrid.

Demographic history of Macedonia

The next destination is located between the soft curve of the mountains, surrounded by pine and fir forests in Southern Albania. Voskopoja (Aromanian “Moscopole”), nestled high within the hills and far above the seas, is constantly sparking curiosity of mystery to her strange ways of being.

In the days of the glorious Ottoman Empire, it was considered as one of the most developed and prosperous cities of its European part. Testament to this are the first Printing House in the Balkans (in 1720), the High Academy (in 1744), the library, the artisan factory and the famous Basilicas, the painted house walls by the famous Albanian painters.

Today, this picturesque mountain village is considered a sort of Holy-land to local Orthodox Christians and one of the original homelands of the Aromanian (Vlach) Diaspora.

Going southward in space and backward in time, the tour will arrive at the region of Prespa, former cradle of Byzantine culture. In present times, it is well known for the natural beauty (of the Grand and Small Prespa Lake) and high biodiversity (of the 4 National Parks across 3 neighboring countries: Albania, Macedonia and Greece).

In the heart of the Small Prespa Lake rests the islet of Saint Achiilios. Its stunning (un)natural beauty offers tranquility of a deserted land. The settlement hides the remnants of the three aisle basilica, built by the tsar Samuel (in 10th century) to house the relic of Saint Achillios, bishop of Larissa. Following the trail among apple trees and shrubs at the southern edge of the islet, is a small church decorated with remarkable wall paintings (dating back to 1524 and 1743). It is ideal resort from the everyday noise and a perfect gateway for a small picnic/lunch.

The trip will conclude in Macedonia, with the visit of the National Park Galichica. It is the place of extraordinary aesthetic values, extremely opulent and endemic flora and fauna, and exceptional sunset over the lakes of Ohrid and Prespa.

The price of the excursion will be 55EUR, payable on site, with minimum number of persons set to 30. The pre-registration will be possible through the conference system (available soon).

More information coming soon