July 1 - 7, 2012, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia

The text below applies only to the participants who registered and opted for organized transfer. The transfer lists are now finished and there is no more option to register for it.

When you land, someone will be waiting for you at the airport, look for either your name or a SDEWES sign. Since the airport is not close to the conference venue, limited number of shuttles could be arranged, so you could, if needed, be kindly asked to wait for another group to land. On the 30.6.,1.7. and 2.7. there will be someone from the Macedonian LOC to give you instructions, otherwise a shuttle/car driver will be waiting.

If there will be a longer period to wait, you will be given all necessary info on where you can wait, buy food, drinks or so. We hope to keep the waiting periods to a minimum.

The shuttles have been planned and arranged according to the data you supplied for your flight (or otherwise arranged by email correspondence). Make sure you contact the person in charge at the airport (LOC or a driver) as soon as you enter the common circulation area.

The number of the seats in the shuttle/cars is planned according to the supplied data and the list will be checked out when boarding the shuttle.

The pick-up will be available ONLY FROM THE AIRPORT, and won't go through the town of Skopje. If you are staying in or visiting Skopje make sure you come to the airport on the supplied/agreed time.

The transfer will go through the city of Ohrid, so if you are staying in Ohrid, make sure you mention this to the driver to drop you off there and not at the conference venue. The pick-up for the departure for the participants staying in Ohrid can be arranged at the conference registration desk. Please, do this at least a day earlier (otherwise you will have to come to the conference venue to board the shuttle).

An email will be dispatched with the above text, also including phone contacts of two LOC members for urgent situations.

See you there :)